Fishermans Cove is a beautiful condominium community at the north end of the Sawgrass Country Club development that offers quiet surroundings and good neighbors in a casual coastal Florida setting.

Clad in clapboard and cedar shakes, our buildings, some with striped awnings, are designed to look like classic fishermans’ cottages. Many units have docks that are cantilevered over the lakes; others have golf course views or views of the salt marsh. A private pool sits lakeside and even has a dock for those who wish to boat over to the pool.

Fishermans Cove has mature, lush landscaping, which provides a wonderful habitat for wildlife, including wading shorebirds and migratory birds. All of our roads are cul-de-sacs, some linked via a picturesque bridge, and all are perfect for walking, biking, and viewing our wildlife.

Many of our units are owned by full-time residents and long-time part-year residents who create a wonderful sense of community. 

The unit owners comprise Fishermans Cove Condominium Association, Inc., which is governed by the documents and rules and regulations found on this website. Our Board of Directors is elected annually and meets monthly. May Management oversees the property at the direction of the Board, assisted by resident volunteers and committees.

Ponte Vedra Beach Florida


Amy Koch

Vice President
Scott Stevenson 

Mark McCormick

Mary Farley Cox


Andrew Eassa
Dan Scaia
Frances Trotta
John Gibson  
Nick Chandler 



Amy Koch*
Scott Stevenson
Frances Trotta

Mark McCormick
Andrew Eassa

Amy Koch

John Gibson**
John Coleman**
Jacquie Mathes
Michele Perrault Czarzasty

Mary Farley Cox*
Dan Scaia

Violations Committee
Jacqui Mathes
Cynthia Pendell
Joanne Stensland

Electric Vehicle Committee
Scott Stevenson*
Brenda Onur
Tony Czarnasky
John Coleman

Lighting Committee
Amy Koch
Mark McCormick
Frances Trotta
Dan Scaia

Amy Koch

* Committee Chair
** Committee Co-Chair

The Board welcomes and needs the help of volunteers! If you would like to volunteer for a committee, please contact Board Secretary Mary Farley Cox.