Frequently Asked Questions

When was Fisherman's Cove built?

Fishermans Cove Condominium Association consists of eighty-five frame construction condominium units developed by Arvida Realty. Construction was accomplished in three phases during the 1980-85 time period. Phase I includes units 1-34, Phase II, units 35-54, and Phase III, units 55-85.  

It should be noted that, while Fishermans Cove acts as a single corporate entity for insurance and tax purposes, each Phase maintains its own financial operating records as well as separate banking accounts.

Who can use the Fishermans Cove pool?

The pool at Fishermans Cove is solely for Fishermans Cove residents and guests (when allowed). A passcode is required and updated periodically. Please note:

  • The pool hours are from dawn to dusk.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • The gate must be securely closed at entry and when leaving.
  • Clean up when you leave and take your trash with you to ensure that all residents have the same enjoyment of our pool and that rats and other vermin are not attracted to the pool area.
  • Please abide by all of the rules posted at the pool and on the Pool Rules 
Are all units occupied?

A large percentage of our units are owner-occupied with some residents here full time, while others are part time. Under our Declaration of Condominium, units may be rented for a minimum of two weeks.

Who is the governing body at Fisherman's Cove?

A Board of Directors elected by the unit owners acts as the governing body of the Association. The condominium documents call for nine directors to be elected by the entire membership.

Should I attend Board meetings?

Yes! Your attendance is encouraged. Board meetings are usually on the third Tuesday of the month.

Please note, you do not need to be a Board member to serve on a committee. The Board welcomes owner participation in the governance of our lovely community. We have several committees that could use volunteers and can create new committees for specific projects!

Board meetings are generally held at the Sawgrass Beach Club, but are currently held via teleconference due to the Covid-19 outbreak. For your reference, date, time, and location are posted at the entrances to Fishermans Cove.

Who manages Fishermans Cove?

The Association employs MAY Management, Inc., a real estate management company, to manage its affairs. MAY Management collects monthly assessments from the unit owners and disburses funds in accordance with a budget that is developed by the Board. See the Property Manager page for contact information.

Who takes care of condos in an owner's absence?

The need for assuring integrity of the interior of the condominium requires overseeing by either the unit owners or by others on the owner’s behalf (this particularly holds true for rental units and part-time residents). Overseeing units is not management’s responsibility.

  • Each unit owner should inform MAY Management, and provide the name and contact information for the person responsible in the owner’s absence.
  • The Association requires each owner to deposit a key with MAY Management for access in the event of emergency or required repairs of common elements in the owner’s absence. By Board direction, the keys are kept in the Association’s locked key box at MAY Management. All authorized individuals using the keys are required to sign the key out and in. The keys are used only in an emergency (such as fire or water leak) or with the Board’s permission when required to facilitate repairs to the Association’s common elements (such as access to the lakeside decks for the two-story units). No other basis for access to the keys is allowed without written permission (letter, fax, or e-mail) from the owner.
  • Unit owner non-emergency requests for the keys must be during normal business hours.
In the event of a hurricane threat, where can I find information?

In the event that there’s the threat of a hurricane, please check the links below, which will take you to the St. Johns County storm readiness website and current storm status information.

  • Click here to view the Red Cross hurricane safety preparedness guide.
  • Click here to view the St. Johns County hurricane preparedness guide.
  • Click here to view the latest St. Johns County press releases regarding emergencies.

In addition to the above links, please always check the IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS tab on the Owners page, and the Sawgrass Master Association’s website: to find out additional information for approaching storms.

Where can I find information on fire safety?

To view the Red Cross guide to Home Fire Preparedness click here.

What about garbage collection and recycling?
  • Regular garbage is collected every Monday and Thursday, even on holidays. Your trash must be in bags, in a can, and will be collected from your shed. Large items may be placed curbside on Sunday or Wednesday evenings after 5pm for pick up the next morning.
  • Recyclable items such as glass, plastic, paper goods, and cardboard boxes (must be flattened prior to pick up), etc. must be placed in the blue bins and carried out curbside for collection on Wednesdays. If cardboard boxes, etc., are placed on the ground, the recyclers will not pick them. Please note that bins are only allowed to be out from 5pm Tuesday – 5pm Wednesday, per the Sawgrass Master Association rules.
  • Florida Refuse comes early Tuesday mornings to pick up lawn waste, branches, plant material, and may be piled curbside on Monday evenings after 5pm for next day pickup.
Who do I contact about services or maintenance needs?

Such requests should be directed to MAY Management. See the Property Manager page for contact information.

What about assessments?

It is the policy of the Board to fully fund reserves sufficient for future capital projects such as re-roofing, road repairs, major building maintenance, bulkhead replacement, etc. Allocating a portion of monthly assessments to a capital reserve will hopefully mitigate or eliminate the need for large Special Assessments in the future.

What should I know about insurance for my unit?

The Association maintains property insurance for all standard risks excluding earthquake, war and terrorism, and maintains “All Perils” coverage with an annual deductible for wind and hail. We also have General Liability and Directors and Officers liability coverage.

The Association responsibility as defined in the Declaration of Condominium, a copy of which each owner should have, is limited to Common Elements, Limited Common Elements, and Units—up to the unfinished interior surfaces, but excluding glass, screening, doors. or other openings. An Owner is responsible for all pipes, ducts, wires, vents and conduits running through interior walls for the furnishing of utilities, heating and cooling, and ventilation of his or her unit.

Owners should obtain any desired insurance coverage for contents, personal liability, loss of use, etc. as well as for uncovered “unit” components at their own expense. Any owners wishing more detailed information on the Association’s insurance policies should contact MAY Management. See the Property Manager page for contact information.

Are there alligators in the ponds?

YES.  Alligators, turtles, fish, and other animals live here too. Keep your distance from the edge of any body of water. Never feed the alligators! They will depend on humans for food and it is illegal in the state of Florida to feed them. Always watch your children and pets outdoors as the gators will roam on land. If you feel a gator is threatening, contact Fish & Wildlife Conservation at (866) 392-4286.